“Boring is easy! Everybody can be boring but you’re gooder than that!” #kidpresident

I found this video Saturday morning through a friend on Facebook. This person isn’t a close friend; it’s someone I barely even know anymore (the last day I saw him had to be high school graduation day) but his post of this video on my newsfeed caught my eye. I am so glad I watched this video.

It’s easy to forget to have fun as an adult. With bills, responsibilities, and stress taking over, sometimes I lose sight of just pure childhood fun. This video was truly inspiring. This 10-year old boy just wants you to stop being boring and to enjoy life. He wants you to DANCE whenever you can and to just be awesome. Now, that’s something I can believe in.

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I do. It’s nice to be reminded of the happy, little things in this world.