Volunteer Work

“Service to others is the payment you make for your space here on earth.”
– Mohammed Ali

I’ve always had a passion to help others through volunteer work. Regardless of it being on my own or through a group, I always find these experiences rewarding and fulfilling. My happiness comes from knowing that I am helping someone less fortunate than me and that my hard work and selflessness will in turn, create someone else’s happiness.

About a month ago, my place of employment sent out a company wide email asking for 25 employees to participate in a volunteer day at Philabundance, Philadelphia’s largest food bank and hunger relief organization. I was fortunate enough to be chosen for the last volunteer day my employer had at Cradles to Crayons, an organization that provides children of low-income families with daily essentials. ┬áThat email hadn’t sat in my inbox for more than 2 minutes before I sent back my reply, “Yes, I would like to volunteer” (but on the inside I was screaming YES YES YES! Please choose me!). Thankfully, my supervisor approved and I was chosen to be one of the 25 employees to participate.

Last Wednesday, we drove down to South Philly and met at Philabundance’s main warehouse where we helped sort and box up non-food items, like paper towels, shampoos and other personal care items. After lunch, we were asked to sort through boxes of frozen raw meat and package them up by type. Just knowing that these items that we were sorting and packaging would help make someone else’s life better, made me smile. The day flew by and I thoroughly enjoyed the full 8 hours we were there. It was nice to feel accomplished after a hard day’s work.

After that day, it solidified my notion that I want to do something in a nonprofit organization all the time. That if I could find a job where I am actively doing good and helping others, then I’ve lived a good life. It may not be right now, but one day, I believe I’ll reach my goal to work in a nonprofit and to help others in need.



“Boring is easy! Everybody can be boring but you’re gooder than that!” #kidpresident

I found this video Saturday morning through a friend on Facebook. This person isn’t a close friend; it’s someone I barely even know anymore (the last day I saw him had to be high school graduation day) but his post of this video on my newsfeed caught my eye. I am so glad I watched this video.

It’s easy to forget to have fun as an adult. With bills, responsibilities, and stress taking over, sometimes I lose sight of just pure childhood fun. This video was truly inspiring. This 10-year old boy just wants you to stop being boring and to enjoy life. He wants you to DANCE whenever you can and to just be awesome. Now, that’s something I can believe in.

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I do. It’s nice to be reminded of the happy, little things in this world.