Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

I got the idea for this recipe off of Facebook, which probably came from Pinterest which looks like it came from this awesome food blog. The original recipe was for cherry cheesecake bites and I thought, “That looks easy! I can totally make that!”  and filed it away under my “recipe” folder in my Gmail inbox. We’re having a good-bye party for my friend at work (she’s moving on to bigger and better and I wish her all the luck in the world!) and I figured I would test out this dessert recipe.

After searching three different grocery stores for cherries, I finally realized that it’s not cherry season and decided to go for the next best fruit, strawberries! I bought a 5lb crate of strawberries, plus another 2lb crate – had to make sure I had more than enough. I also wanted to make these somewhat low-fat (shhh, don’t tell me coworkers!) so I purchased low-fat cream cheese and low-fat graham crackers. To be honest, I can’t tell the difference, they taste just as heavenly, without all the calories!

photo (3)


I do not have the luxury of owning a mixer nor a food processor so everything I had to mix, or crush, I did by hand. By all means, if you have the tools, use them! If not, you’ll get a good arm workout before eating these yummy (yet low-fat) treats!

photo (7)

They may not look pretty but they are delicious!

photo (10)

the tray

When I make these again, I will probably change a few things:
– Dry the strawberries after you wash them, the cheesecake filling tends to stick better.
– The first tray I did, I scooped the filling onto a spoon then tried to put it on the strawberry. I then found that dipping the strawberry in the filling and then spreading it out with your fingers worked best.
– Don’t sprinkle the crushed graham crackers onto the strawberry, dip the strawberry into the bowl, filling side down.

These things are highly addicting, so remember to share so you don’t eat them all yourself! Enjoy!

strawberryrecipe copy

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