I am not a runner

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

I am not a runner.

I can run and will run for a good workout, however, I do not classify myself as a runner. Ever. Yes, I’ve done a few 5Ks and will run a few miles during the week but that’s just to spruce up my workouts; help break up the constant HIIT cardio and strength training that make up the majority of my gym time. I don’t find myself pushing myself during a run and I don’t feel as successful afterwards like I do after a really good cardio workout or lifting session. In order for me to feel successful, I need to feel a burn and I need to sweat (a lot).

My fitness goals differ from those of a runner. I don’t run for distance or for time, I run for fun and for clarity. I like to run when I’m stressed out and need to clear my mind; where the only things I want to hear are my iPod and my feet hitting the pavement. I prefer to run outside, not on a treadmill, otherwise I get bored and my mind wanders, counting down the minutes until I can stop. Sometimes I’ll run with a friend, which makes the time go by much faster and makes the workout more enjoyable, at least for me, but this isn’t very often as I feel I’m interfering with their running training.

Last week, when I first heard about the Boston Bombings, my heart bled for those marathoners. As a person who loves to push my fitness limits, I can sympathize with those who were there, especially the runners who didn’t get to finish the race. All their training, all their hard work, dieting and eating right, all the weeks/months of anticipation for this race to just be stopped midway through due to 2 brother terrorists. It’s not fair. For the runners who had already crossed the finish line, some for the first time, some for the 50th time, this was a moment of jubilation and to have that triumphant feeling ripped from them is dishonorable and immoral. But… everyone on the face of the earth (except the terrorists… and apparently the Westboro Baptist Church) know this. But as it always does, good has overcome evil and because of this, Boston is stronger than it ever was.

I’m not a runner, but for Boston I will train harder and give my workouts all I have… because they deserve it.


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