So Put On A Happy Face

“Bye Bye Birdie” is one of my all-time favorite musicals. I’m partial to the 1963 movie version though with Dick Van Dyke, Janet Leigh and Ann-Margret since that’s what I used to watch, religiously, growing up. I know every word, every song and a few of the dance moves – it’s safe to say we got our monies worth with that VHS tape. It reminds me of happy childhood memories and also of my Pop-Pop, who passed in 2005. When he came to visit, this movie was in the rotation of ones to watch with him (along with any kung-fu movie and Mary Poppins).

I can’t find the movie clip of Dick Van Dyke singing this song on YouTube, however, here’s the link from


image created by jillian k smith

This song is always my favorite part of the movie. Besides Dick Van Dyke dancing around the yard, trying cheer up Janet Leigh’s character, I really love the lyrics and the positive message that they are enforcing. Cheer up, put on a smile, this feeling of sadness will not last forever. I try to live my life by positive affirmation; knowing that even though you’re going through hard times, there’s always something to smile about which can help turn your mood around.

I may not be the poster child for this method. I can dwell on the negatives instead of searching for the positives in some situations. Lately, however, I have been trying to really see the brighter side of things. Sure, bad things happen but they never really last forever. There’s always something that can get you to smile: a joke, a tv show, eating a piece of cake, a hug from your Mom. Personally, I like to go for a run or head to the gym. After a workout, I feel like my worries are smaller and I’m able to smile and look for the positive aspects in life. Once you find your stress-reliever, it really makes troubled times not seem so hard and remember, Just Put On A Happy Face (queue tap dancers…. now)!